Thursday, December 1, 2011

Granny's House!

We always love going to Granny's house!! She lets the kids do everything by themselves when the bake and somehow, it always turns out to be the best cookies, ever!! Her icing is to die for. I'm craving it just thinking about it!! She is the most kind, gentle and patient person I know (her and my Mom, maybe some of that will rub off on me :)).

Can you believe how tall Zane is?! She's on the shorter side but still...(I love you, Granny!)

After baking, they went and picked veggies and flowers out of her garden :).

Words really can't describe how special she is to me!! I spent every Friday night at her house when I was growing up. We made pancakes (well, they were a flop but made for a great memory :)) and gingerbread men. She would pull out a mattress and we would sleep in the living room. She made popcorn and we would eat it while we watched tv. I can still remember the sound of her clock in the living room. I can't read Peter Rabbit without getting teary eyed because she used to always tell me that story. It was my home away from home and I still love just sitting in the kitchen or living room and talking to her or watching her with my kids. I'm so happy that she still lives in the same house that she has since my dad was a kid!! If walls could talk I would sit and listen forever! She is absolutely precious and I hope to be half the Granny that she is someday!!

Fourth of July(ish) 2011

OK, I'm going to try really hard to get this crazy blog caught up so that I can print this year into a book!!

This was our massive slip n slide. We built it down our hill in the backyard. It was the only chilly day within a three month period!! A storm blew in just as we were trying to stake it down (of course :)) and we almost lost the tarp! We had so much fun. It was just like when we went sledding. The adults outlasted the kids :). When you have soak hoses and baby oil, you can really get some speed...
Zane left for church camp on the morning of the 4th. He had a great time!! I missed having him with us during the holiday but I'll take 2nd place to church camp :).

Miss Lydia in her patriotic outfit :)

She LOVES her Poppy!!!!

The karaoke was left set up from Harrison's birthday party. Harrison was having the hardest time sleeping ;) so he came downstairs and found himself in the middle of a song that he loved. Jared snapped this pic before we knew that he was back there. I think we enjoy karaoke as much as the kiddos! Yes H is in his underwear. This will be a blackmail pic someday :).

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Emotional Recs

I played soccer (for the first time EVER) in the Spring. We were in a non-competitive league at All-Star Sports in Springdale. It was a LOT of fun and a great workout. We only won one game (it was a forfeit) but I'm so glad that I did it! We'll probably play in the future. If you need some free entertainment let me know and I'll get you our schedule. Ha! I only had 3 pictures so I might as well post them all :). Before the game...and after!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Harrison is EIGHT!!

Well, he was on June 30th!!!! I'm so behind on my blogging :(. We had our annual date for his birthday. He had basketball camp that morning. Afterwards, we dropped L&Z off with Memaw and went to Kobe for lunch. After lunch we headed to the movies to watch Cars 2. He had told Jared that he wanted a twisty straw for his birthday (this kid is EASY!) and they were selling them at the concession area. Sweet! After the movie we went to Cold Stone and then headed to VBS. It was a crazy but fun day with my sweet boy!!

He had a few celebrations for his birthday. Not a bad deal :). We went to Memaw and PaPa's a few days later for lunch and a really neat cake! Zane was at church camp so he was MIA ;). Look at H man's hair!! Shaggy!
Memaw and Papa had just gotten back from Israel and had brought the kids some souvenirs. He LOVES this hat and wears it quite often :). She was mad about SOMETHING. Her girly emotions have kicked in and are wearing me out :). I feel like she's already a teenager. Crying one second and laughing the next... A few days later he had his "friend" party. He had a bunch of boys over to swim, play, sing karaoke, and eat!! We are missing a few, but this is most of the crew!! I can't believe that he is 8 years old!!! I love you sweet boy!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Perdido Key

We took the kiddos to Perdido Key, FL in mid June. We had a GREAT time. Loved the condo and ours came with a cabana. We are completely spoiled now :). That might be a priority on future trips!!

This is a pic of the kids in the cabana. We found an old school fabric dart board (has the balls with velcro) at Publix. It was a HIT. Sometimes it's the simple things.We went crabbin'.
This one is blurry but I love it. My two bigger boys ;).
Lydia had so much fun flying her kite.
Jared and Zane went on a deep sea fishing trip. They go every year!
That's a LOT of Red Snapper! If anyone has a good recipe I would appreciate it :).

Lydia's FAVORITE thing to do was play in the sand. There were a lot of jelly fish in the water (boo!) so the boys spent a lot of time at the pool.

L made some friends during the week. I think she's going to be my little social butterfly :).

Friday, June 24, 2011

Field Day

Harrison had Field Day on the next to last day of school. They had so much fun!! Lydia loves going to his class for parties and projects. I'm hoping that this will get her familiar with the school!
The boys doing their dance.
Lydia had a blast!The kids rotated between different stations. One was a mist tent. It was a hit!! Luckily, it was one of our first stops so they were dry when they went back in :).

H and some of his buddies taking a water break.I looked over and saw Harrison with his arm around Lydia (in the middle of one of the games!). I love how sweet he is to her, even in front of his friends ;).

Harrison and Mrs. Page. She has been such an amazing teacher. He likes school so much that he wasn't really ready for the summer break! We have been so blessed with great teachers so far. I'm praying that the trend will continue :).

Thursday, June 23, 2011


June is going to have several posts but this is a good one to get me caught up :).

This was one night on our way out the door for a dinner date.Jared and Zane play basketball almost every day! H gets in on the action too. Zane doesn't take it easy on him which can be frustrating but I figure it will make him an awesome basketball player ;)! Harrison has turned into quite the little baseball player. He plays first base and can smack it to fence. I'm really proud of how far he's come this year!!

We went to visit my Granny a couple of weeks ago. Her and Lydia worked in her school books (she just retired this year!!) for a long time. I've said this before (probably several times!) but she is the most patient person I know. Well, her and my Mom! Maybe I'll get some of that since it's in my blood ;). I know why she did so great with the kids for all of those years and why they love her so much.